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PC Gamer WildStar is a Dominion guild based on Eko EU.
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Dust off your PvP gear to experience the newest 15 versus 15 battleground map, Sabotage! Saddle up your mount and rush into battle against your enemies, using timebombs to unleash hell on your opponents! With both practice grounds and rated brackets available, you can bring glory to your faction no matter how competitive you're feeling!

Check out our latest DevSpeak below for more information on Sabotage, as well as for everything else you can expect in our latest drop, including new décor items, gear, and achievements!

And just for being an active WildStar player, you'll also be eligible to get your hands on the latest and greatest costume hat: the Loyalist's Beret! By accessing your Account Inventory in-game, you'll be able to bring out the sabo-fashionista within by showing off your nom de guerre!

The patch is live!

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jir jump online we need 1 dps for tempest
new patch is awesome
they will deal with it similar to swtor merges, and all the other games
Does that mean that we will have to transfer our characters to a megaserver or they will deal with it?
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